Ambition, Mission and Vision of YPL²

With its focus on young professionals (graduates and career changers up to the age of 35), the Young Professionals Logistics and Supply Chain Luxembourg (YPL2) is pushing towards to become a platform that allows young logisticians who are at the beginning of their professional career to not only network but to find opportunities and inspiration.

Yes we know, there are many networks of all kinds available but the critical and urgent need derives from the fact that in Luxembourg, a country with such high potential in logistics and supply chain management none of the ones available are specifically focusing on young professionals within the field and the next generation to come. YPL² offers a cross-industry platform to connect with colleagues about experiences and challenges the first professional years. Members shall be able to seek advice, make use of other supporting members, while boosting their career prospects and build social and professional relationships. In the meaning of this purpose, network events like workshops, round-tables and fieldtrips are organized specifically for this target group.

In order to generate an environment of common interests where the community can exchange encountered or foreseen trends or projects, talk about experiences or even new ideas what results in the career starters growth and to become an even greater value for the company. It is also to inspire young graduates who are still in doubt to enter this field of high potential or may also be a possibility for companies to reach out and get in touch with the digital natives working in different branches. To achieve the vision to establish a fully supported linkage between young professionals and the industry we are going to proactively get in touch with individuals that are interested and have the aspiration to drive the predictable change that is we not only encounter demographically but others as well.

Our mission is to connect people, to get industries, education, governmental institutions and people to collaborate. We want to create value for the next generation of professionals by promoting logistics and supply chain in Luxembourg. We want to embrace the challenge of this opportunity to regroup young talents to set the structure for a long-term relationship between them and organisations. The idea of the networking platform is followed by the mission to gather potential individuals below the age of 35 within the supply chain and logistics sector.

Roadmap 2016 + 2017


Our vision is to create synergies by building a community of young talents for Logistics and Supply Chain in Luxembourg. This community has a special place in Luxembourg and in Europe, we are thus wishing to erect bridges towards industries, organisations, education and existing communities. We would like to reach out to companies, workers and everybody that wants to help and support building up new relationships for Luxembourg’s new Young Professional Network for Logistics and Supply Chain. This maybe all sounds very promising but it lets a legitimate question arise: how are they going to do this? One thing can be said, evening events and visits to the best and most exciting logistics companies in the country are stick in our heads to be followed in the near future. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us while using the contact option here on the homepage.

We are looking forward to meet great people since we are the generation that is able to push the change!

What benefits does the network provides to you?

The YPL2 cooperates to connect more employees but also to foster interest among students. We aim to advise young people that are faced with a lot of questions and challenges during their career entry in a new environment. We actively support subjects that matter to the next generation of logistics and supply chain management experts.

Benefits of YPL² as a member


    • Access to various company visits, conferences, workshops, fieldtrips in BENELUX and Germany in cooperation with or without organizations across the border
    • Visit after works and other networking activities to expand your network uncomplicated
    • Exchange and to discuss current logistics and supply chain management topics
    • Special events such as limited roundtables in cosy atmospheres providing you the opportunity to get in contact with CEO`s to know and discuss their career paths
    • Learning from the experiences of other members: In “fireside chats” you will meet career entrants from the greater regions and experience exciting speakers
    • Exclusive access to YPL² member section, blog or the member directory to expand your personal network
    • Get your first important career contacts, learn many know ambitious logisticians and increase your chances to find an internship or job that’s suits you perfectly

What can you contribute?

    • Private membership fee of €45 per year
    • Bringing in proactively in order to drive and strengthen community
    • Create awareness of YPL² in Luxembourg and the Greater Region
    • Organise an event with us

Are you willing to participate in the Young Professionals Logistics and Supply Chain Management Luxembourg? Do you would like to take your career in your own hands? Then you are welcome to sign up for a membership and being part of an awesome and growing community. It’s for students, career starters as well as for experienced professionals under 35. The rate of €45 for 1 year is very favourable and a very good investment for your (!) future.

Shape your future!

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated young professionals working within supply chain and logistics. We would like to reach out to industries, education, organizations, existing communities and everybody that wants to collaborate. In order to create value for the next generation of young talents Luxembourg’s new Young Professional Network for Logistics and Supply Chain needs your support in building up relationships.

Founder and Member of the Board
Founder and Member of the Board
Member of the Board

What others say about us

For me YPL² is the ideal connection between practical logistics experiences and a personal exchange of experiences. YPL’s events have served as a valuable opportunity for me to extend my professional network not only at a national level, but also at an European one. I am glad to see the successful launch of YPL² and am looking forward to grow together with it.“

Li ZhangProject Manager, Direction Stratégie et Organisation – CFL multimodal S.A.

The YPL² is a highly recommended place for young people working in different areas of logistics and supply chain management and those who are interested in this areas for future opportunities. Enthusiastic members of the organisation, special networking events and site visits make Young Professionals life very interesting and attractive. Together with YPL² I have visited the CFL terminal in Bettembourg and got a lot of positive impressions, new knowledge and practical understanding of multimodal operations in the region.”

Elvin MursalovMaster’s candidate at MIT Global SCALE Network – Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

„The Luxembourg Center for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL) patronizes as a partner the education and research, as well as international logistics companies and the government. Not only our master program but also partner network organizations like the YPL² can open new doors for young professionals.”

Tjalda von Lilienfeld-Toal Outreach and Implementation Officer – Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

„We are delighted to support the networking of young logisticians. According to our experience, topics at the beginning of a career are different from those in professional life later on, and
can therefore push important in novations!“

Malik Zeniti Senior Manager – Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg

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