Again, we are proud to announce a new company partnership! As of today, we would like to welcome Landewyck Tobacco S.A. as a part of the YPL2² project. Already at the end of 2016 when collecting ideas on how to organise and structure the network at the German Logistics Congress in Berlin we got in contact with their Head of Global Supply Chain. For us it was fascinating on how somebody is supporting a project that even does not really exists yet. In 2017 some of Landewycks young employees regularly joined our activities. It showed us that the Luxemburgish owned industrial company is willing to support its people and create value adds together. We already fixed the first event with them. End of May YPL² will visit their production site in Luxembourg.

About Landewyck:
Inspired by their taste for the pleasures of life, it was in 1847 that Jean-Pierre Heintz and his wife Joséphine Van Landewyck opened their first tobacco factory rue de la Porte-Neuve in Luxembourg. Six generations and 170 years later, this maxim continues to guide the family business that we have stayed, as we work to sublimate a natural product of millennia tradition for its 21st century enthusiasts.
In nearly two centuries, innovation and patience have shaped the Landewyck Manufacture into a well-known family-owned business in some 40 markets around the world. If we now have six European subsidiaries and more than a thousand employees, the parent company remains true to its Luxembourg family business roots.