After the first year of its foundation in cooperation with the Grand Duchy Luxembourg, the MIT in Boston and the University of Luxembourg, we are now happy to announce an official cooperation with the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL). Mr. Benny Mantin, Director of the institute and the LCL team did a great job so far. We exactly know how much effort they put into developing and running the centre the last one and a half years.   In addition to a one year Master, the centre offers a Doctoral program and provides different executive programs in order to mould the future experts for the Luxembourgish logistics sector. Within workshops, industrial seminars as well as various roundtables, the LCL regularly offers a meeting place for practitioners, researchers and decision makers in order to discuss the future of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Under the motto Innovate, Impact, Inspire the whole concept contributes on a special way to increase the awareness of these sectors in Luxembourg.     Our organisation is thankful that since the beginning of getting in contact with them, the LCL really appreciates our activities and efforts on a supportive basis! They for example send a speaker to our roundtable event on the Supply Chain Day 2017 at KMPG. In addition to the MIT Scale Network, YPL² offers the students a regional platform to network and to exchange their thoughts and experiences. Therefore we hope to convince the students to stay in Luxembourg to bring in their hight expertise. The students already joined some of our activities and helped us to make our organisation more diversified as all of them have various backgrounds.   The first so called annual eXplore conference 2017 marked the official launch of their activities in Luxembourg. It gave us an impression that we can expect a lot of the centre and its education in the near future. This year eXplore conference “Navigating the future of supply chains” will take place on the 1st of March, the LCL we are quite sure will provide the participants with exceptional insights again. In addition to speakers of the MIT, LCL and the industry we highly appreciate that the masters students will display their thesis posters that day. Let’s meet up at the conference and have fruitful discussions together!