We are creating synergies by building a community of young talents for Logistics and Supply Chain in Luxembourg. This community has a special place in Luxembourg and in Europe, we are thus wishing to erect bridges towards industries, organisations, education and existing communities.


Our mission is to connect people, to get industries, education, governmental organisations and people to collaborate. We want to create value for the next generation of professionals by promoting logistics and supply chain in Luxembourg. To achieve our mission, we organise events, visits and fieldtrips to the most exciting logistics companies and facilities. We believe our purpose will, on the long term, generate value for every player in this ecosystem, nationally and internationally.

YPL²’s contribution to a partnership

  • Representing your company/ institution as a partner / sponsor at events (visibility on our website)
  • Current Young Professionals under 35 can become YPL² members
  • We would be pleased to provide support for educational project(s), on a consultancy-based approach
  • Members will share some information. We are ready to prepare a report of the relevant and available data based on extracted data.
  • Place projects and internship adverts

As a partner we would appreciate

  • To get insights into your day-to-day activities for example through a field trip / company visit with the ultimate goal to share knowledge & make our industry more attractive and tangible to the public
  • To see events sponsored or any other kind of financial contribution depending on the membership type
  • Occasionally, provide a speaker to a workshop or event organised by YPL² or in cooperation with you

Taking action

We are convinced this initiative creates added-value to organisations and institutions. We are now looking for partners and supporters that believe in our Vision and Purpose.

Cooperation announcements

Our Partners