At noon on the 19.04.2017, the 12 registered participants at LuxairCargo´s Cargo Center came together to visit Luxembourg´s ground handling operator. The company currently employs more than 1100 employees and handles over 1.2 million tons of freigth per year with expansion possibility.

After the welcoming and short networking, the participants learned in a presentation about the largest airfreight handler at the Luxembourg airport. In addition to a state-of-the-art-warehouse, the Cargo Center also includes a logistics center and a Goods Distribution Practice (GDP) health center.

On the ramp area, up to 8 freight aircraft of category F can be accommodated at the same time, an average loading and unloading takes only 2 hours. Next to the theoretical part the partakers went to the actual visit of the cargo center passing the security control and kicking the 1.5-hour supervised tour off. The diversity of cargo to be handled war particularly noticeable. In addition to temperature-controlled areas for pharmaceutical and health care products, dangerous substances, animals, perishable goods, high-tech products, but also consumption products are placed in the import and export areas.

The positive feedback from all participants once agein showed the fascination of airfreight and the initiative for young professionals, thanks to LuxairCARGO for the exciting day!