My name is Jérôme Schank, I am Luxembourgish and I work as Business Analyst for Cargolux S.A. After graduating with a Bachelor in Business Administration from the LMU Munich, I dedicated myself to the logistics and transportation sector by doing internships at a Luxembourgish logistics and combined transport operator and studying transportation economics at the V.U. Amsterdam. The highlight of my logistical curriculum so far was to be part of the first cohort of students of the Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management within the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management – a joint program with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

My motivation for joining YPL2?
In Luxembourg we have the unique opportunity to have a strong inflow of highly-skilled and motivated young professionals. Even tough Luxembourg is a small sized and open country it might be difficult for some to settle in and find a connection. Here, YPL2 steps in and provides a platform to find like-minded people to hang out with and exchange professional and personal advices. As Luxembourger, I am happy to assist young expats and provide initial orientation.

Since networking and international vision are crucial factors in logistics and supply chain management, YPL2 also gives me the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world in order to build a strong national and international network of young professionals that have a similar ambitions and goals to my own.





My name is Arnaud Hemricourt and I work as a Manager within KPMG’s Advisory Services. I have more than 6 years working experience within Operations and Supply Chain management in Europe.

I graduated with a MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain management from Cranfield School of Management (UK).

My Name is Carla de Bastos I am Luxemburgish and I work as Supply Chain Manager at Landewyck Tobacco SA. I have a 5-year experience in Supply Chain Management.

It was a happy coincidence that I came to supply chain as I have a background in law. I studied law at ULB and worked as a State employee for the CNPD.

Once in Supply Chain, I never wanted to go back. That’s the reason why I’m currently studying Supply Chain management at INEAD as distance learning.

What fascinates me in Supply Chain and in Logistics in general is the reactivity you have to have. Your job is in constant change and you have to know how to adapt. Working with all the different internal departments and all our suppliers and even from time to time having the final customer on the line is in my opinion really enjoyable.

I think of YPL² as a great opportunity to exchange experiences and practices with Young Professionals at the same age as I. The first time when I got in contact with the community was during the first fieldtrip to Denmark I participated in. The people as well as the networks structure and the background were totally new for me. The fieldtrip helped me to create some ideas I wanted to put in place.

My name is Mathias Weinmann I graduated as an engineer in technical logistics and I started my professional career in Luxembourg.

Some years ago, I actively started to involve myself in different professional networks mainly in logistics and engineering. In my opinion the most fascinating within Logistics and Supply Chain Management are the various work areas but also the interfaces and connections you have with diversified people out of different sectors. For me it is important to get to know with individuals who have the same background as I have in order to exchange experiences and knowledge.

At the end of 2016 we decided to found this network. Since then we had a clear view but we did not know the exact potential of any possible supporters. 2017 was basically our first year in which we could define where we would like to go with this network in Luxembourg but also in the Greater Region and how to structure it.

In addition of spreading out our idea on conferences, workshops or company visits we are organising events as well. The positive feedback of all involved parties strengthened us in our idea to move one and to accelerate.

Let’s create synergies together in 2019, too!

My name is Johannes, I studied Logistics Management and Economics (BBA) with a major in Supply Chain Management in the Netherlands, and I am one of the founders of this network. Throughout the years my perspective on the view of importance of Supply Chain Management and its impact on sustainable growth for businesses got strengthened tremendously. Yet, I worked mainly within the automotive industry in the field of process improvement where I lead and evaluated CIP projects along the supply chain on a global level. Among others I am in hold of certifications such as Lean Manager, Project Manager and Six Sigma Black Belt.

So, what is the story behind the YPL2 and why am I so excited and motivated to push and grow such a community?

When I arrived back in Europe from work placement in China in November 2015, I arrived in a city that could not be calmer compared to what I had been used to in Sao Paulo or Beijing. Trier, a very quiet but pretty place with one big struggle for me: I was not a student anymore. Obviously, there are millions of ways getting connected to people by simply joining some free time activities or anything like that. But as being a Young Professional and having some clear focus on my career it could not really support my growth within the field. So, I was looking for people I could talk to about other experiences, coming out or showing interest in my field and therefore understanding the “logistician/ supply chain stuff” going through my head. Together with Mathias, a good friend sharing the struggles we got in touch with the the Cluster for Logistics. Sharing about exactly what I have mentioned above and showing the motivation towards such community which then let us go together to the International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin where we opened our ideas during a lunch at the Luxembourgish embassy – This was the beginning and the moment of foundation.

YPL2 grew a lot the last years and I am certain that the network can even become stronger to be a platform supporting youngsters on developing themselves while exchanging experiences, discussing trends and having a place where they can get in touch with other members, partners or supporters as well as the companies who can vice versa can reach out to them as well.