My Name is Carla de Bastos I am Luxemburgish and I work as Supply Chain Manager at Landewyck Tobacco SA. I have a 5-year experience in Supply Chain Management.

It was a happy coincidence that I came to supply chain as I have a background in law. I studied law at ULB and worked as a State employee for the CNPD.

Once in Supply Chain, I never wanted to go back. That’s the reason why I’m currently studying Supply Chain management at INEAD as distance learning.

What fascinates me in Supply Chain and in Logistics in general is the reactivity you have to have. Your job is in constant change and you have to know how to adapt. Working with all the different internal departments and all our suppliers and even from time to time having the final customer on the line is in my opinion really enjoyable.

I think of YPL² as a great opportunity to exchange experiences and practices with Young Professionals at the same age as I. The first time when I got in contact with the community was during the first fieldtrip to Denmark I participated in. The people as well as the networks structure and the background were totally new for me. The fieldtrip helped me to create some ideas I wanted to put in place.