My name is Johannes, I studied Supply Chain Management in the Netherlands, and I am one of the founders of this network. During my perspective got strengthened on the view of importance of Supply Chain Management and its impact on sustainable growth for any business. I worked mainly within the automotive industry for a manufacturer called IEE S.A. providing sensing solutions. I gained experience as a sergeant at the German Armed Forces, as an intern at Daimler AG in Germany and Brazil as well as for my current employer in China. Since 2015 I am employed as a project coordinator, which means I lead and evaluate CIP projects on a global level along the supply chain.

So, what is the story behind the YPL2 and why am I so excited and motivated to push and grow such a community?

When I arrived back in Europe from China in November 2015, I came to a city that could not be calmer compared to what I had been used to in Sao Paulo or Beijing. Trier, a very quiet but pretty place with one big problem for me: I was not a student anymore. Obviously, there are millions of ways getting connected to people by simply going out or joining some sports team or anything like that. But as being a Young Professional and having some clear focus on my career it was not really supporting my growth within the field. So, I was longing for people I could talk to about my job, coming out of or showing interest in my field and therefore understanding the logistician stuff going through my head. I got in touch with the senior manager of the Cluster for Logistics. Talking with him about exactly what I have mentioned above and showing my motivation towards such community let us go together to the International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin where we opened our ideas during a lunch at the Luxembourgish embassy were this new chapter got unveiled.

I am certain that the YPL2 network can become a platform supporting youngsters on developing themselves while exchanging experiences, discussing trends and having a place where they can get in touch with other members, partners or supporters as well as the companies who can vice versa can reach out to them as well.