My name is Mathias Weinmann and I graduated as an engineer in technical logistics. I finished my master’s at IEE S.A Luxembourg, an automotive sensor manufacturer. After, I start working for Kuehne + Nagel Luxembourg in the integrated logistics department as a transport coordinator. I currently work for Etimine S.A. a company operating in the field of Mining as a Logistics and Supply Chain Excecutive.

Some years ago, I started to actively involve myself in different professional networks mainly in logistics and engineering. In my opinion the most fascinating within Logistics and Supply Chain Management are the various work areas but also the interfaces and connections you have with diversified people out of different sectors. For me it is important to get to know with individuals who have the same background as I have in order to exchange our experiences but also know-how.

Beginning of 2017 we decided to found this network. Since then we had a clear view but we did not know the exact potential of any possible supporters. 2017 was basically our first year in which we could define where we would like to go with this network in Luxembourg but also in the Greater Region and how to structure it.

In addition of spreading out our idea on conferences, workshops or company visits we already hosted different events last year. The positive feedback of all involved parties strengthened us in our idea to move one and to accelerate. Let’s create synergies together in 2018, too!