A significant industrial zone of Luxembourg is located in the eastern part of the Grand Duchy, more precisely in Echternach. In the past decades, companies have settled here. This area stands out in particular for its high degree of innovation. As part of the International Supply Chain Day organized by Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V and at the initiative of the Young Professionals Logistics and Supply Chain Luxembourg (YPL²), Fanuc Europe and IEE S.A have given a look behind their scenes.

In the morning, Andrea Scammacca, Head of European Supply Chain welcomed the 25 guests at Fanuc’s European headquarter. Japan’s leading player in robotics and industrial automation supports a large number of European offices in the areas of repair service, marketing, human resources, IT and administration, sales and service.
Following the introduction, as part of a factory tour the various company divisions were visited at the Echternach site. For the mostly logistics-friendly participants, the state-of-the-art spare parts warehouse was of particular interest. It grants the highest spare parts availability to European customers in conjunction with a dense distribution network.
The impressive repair center, which contributes to outstanding after-sales with its central repair service and in cooperation with a spare parts warehouse, also attracted the interest of the participants. Here at the latest, it became clear how much technology and know-how are in Fanuc’s robot-controlled applications and how much importance the company attaches to the quality aspect.

At lunchtime, IEE S.A hosted a lunch and networking opportunities at the behest of Mr. Udo Thommes, Head of Logistics & Supply Chain. The automotive supplier headquartered in Contern (L), where all major research and development units are located, opened a factory in Echternach in 1989. The relevant departments here are supply chain, assembly, production, process and production technology as well as quality assurance. Characterized by a very high degree of innovation, the company has continued to evolve in the past to become a leading supplier of intelligent automotive sensor systems.

After the company presentation, the visitors were able to get to know the different company products using the example of an exhibited automobile. During the guided tour through the incoming and outgoing goods, the impressive rolling mill and finally an insight into the various assembly and production lines, the participants learned even more about the sensors manufactured on site and their technical structure. The most well-known examples are the automatic seat occupancy recognition, various driver assistance systems or intelligent camera systems. Here, too, it soon became clear that only a consistently high level of innovation could have led to such corporate successes.

Afterwards, the participants exchanged each other’s findings in a relaxed atmosphere and the majority was sure to have spent an exciting day in Echternach.
YPL² says thank you to Fanuc Europe and IEE S.A for their willingness to actively contribute to the Day of Logistics!

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