Dear Young Professionals and Partners,

Networking creates Synergies – so does collaboration between organisations. The board of the Young Professionals Logistics and Supply Chain Luxembourg is very happy and proud to announce a new partnership with the well-known network Jong Logistiek Nederland (Young Logistics Netherlands).

Both, the Dutch JLN and Luxembourgian YPL² associations share core values and aim to attract career starters and logistics passionates while offering knowledge and possibilities to network and build a successful career in the logistics sector. It in mutual interest to jointly develop the BENELUX as a European logistical hub and to extend the networks will fellow practitioners from all over the countries.

“This is just the first step. We want cooperate with friends of logistics on an international scale to raise even more the awareness of the importance and complexity of Logistics & Supply Chain Management in the cultural diverse environment where we – the so called digital natives – grew up in. Borders in such manner should not exist and for everybody involved there is surly a win-win situation ahead. Both networks could strongly profit from each other while opening up events for each other’s members. “

It is looked forward to exciting events and a great collaboration. For more information on the Young Professionals Logistics Luxembourg, see our Homepage. To find out more about our next events, follow us in Facebook.

Alongside this the YPL² started to organise an international Fieldtrip to Copenhagen, DK in September this year. The trip shall be a great possibility to bring cultures together while taking visits at UNICEF, MAERSK and other interesting companies and institutions. – Stay tuned!